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It was a bit windy

October 30th, 2006

It was a bit windy last Thursday and a blast of wind took the side off a portable sign next to the office car park. Not the most exciting of things but we did catch it on the company webcam.

Tigger Anyone

October 26th, 2006

Now I can’t remember the full lyrics to the Tigger song, but I do remember it had the line “The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is i’m the only one”. At a car boot sale the other week we managed to prove that this is not the case.

Pumpkin Anyone

October 25th, 2006

This weekend I was persuaded to carve out a Pumpkin for Halloween, and we were fairly happy with the result. The purpose of such a scary face is actually to scare off ghosts and gools, but I think some people missed the point….

As you can see this is not so much going to scare off ghosts, just vegetarians. I still find it rather amusing though. You can see more pumpkins like this on pjguyton2002’s flickr page.

2GB of free online storage

October 23rd, 2006

Yes, and it’s not Google’s predicted GDrive, but a service from British Telecommunications PLC (BT). The service is called BT Digital Vault.

I can not claim to have read all the terms and condition, but it appears that an 1GB online storage service will be free to BT broadband customer, and a 20GB service will cost £5 a month to all. The good news is that if you sign up before 2007 you get a 2GB free service, provided you use the service once every 90 days, regardless of your ISP.

The free service does not include the PC backup software/service (automated backup manager) so you can only manually upload files. The good news is that you can share folders and albums with friends or keep them private.

If you are interested in the service then you can find out more and sign up on the Digital Vault web site. Don’t forget to sign up before the end of the year and log in every 90 days for the free 2GB service.

Update: are offering a similar service with a 1GB service for free.

RS catalogue anyone?

October 20th, 2006

I have been doing some tidying in the office and decided that it was time to clean out the several sets of RS catalogues that we had acquired. I have away a couple of sets away and kept one, leaving only these 5 sets to send for recycling.

or reference I have asked not to be sent any more unless we ask for them as we tend to use the Internet to search and the trade counter to purchase.

My favorite podcasts

October 20th, 2006

I have been meaning to make a list of my favourite podcasts and publish them here. The reason why was that if I liked them, and you like reading my blog, then you might like the podcasts as well. After producing a list on my Vox Blog in answer to a question of the day I have cross posted it here. I This is not an exhaustive list as I am subscribed to many and am adding and removing them daily, but this is a list of the podcasts I have listened to for a wile and enjoy.

Tech Podcasts;

Science Fiction Podcasts;

Music Podcasts;

Miscellaneous Podcasts;

* These are my favorites and often get listened to the day they are downloaded.

Useless Inventions

October 9th, 2006

So you think I come up with some strange ideas, have a look at these.

Don't let it get your cursor!!!

October 5th, 2006

I was sitting at a colleagues computer and for some reason was compelled to search for “something silly” and Google gave me this. Enjoy!

Politically Neutral

October 3rd, 2006

I believe in the media being politically neutral and I am pleased to see that Time Trumpet has put a lot of effort in to making certain that both Blair and Cameron were treated equally. Watch the clip here on YouTube to see. :-)

Fix the clock Mike!

October 3rd, 2006

I was walking to the office and found this rather amusing. You may notice the clock next to the sign is not working, and a small reminder to Mike so he does not forget to fix it. :-)