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I am going to BarCampBrighton

August 8th, 2007

The good news is that I am going to BarCampBrighton (wahoo).

This is possibly the most popular UK BarCamp with tickets going on sale (actually they are free, but you know) a smidgen after 11am, and 21 minutes later they had all gone. I had completed my booking by 11:02am. Not everyone who wanted a place got one with expected attendees like Jeremy Keith missing out. I vote we hide them in the overnight bags and smuggle them in. :-)

I think the real reason for the popularity is the people we are expected to attend, because of it’s location, and because many are travelling down for d.construct. It is a shame that the d.construct sign up was not after the BarCamp sign up or I may have tried to go after all.

Finally I need to decide what my presentation will be about. I have had great success with the Geocaching talks, but I have done that more tan once now. Perhaps an open discussion on the concept of community in the digital age. Any suggestions welcome.