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My sites are moving host

October 31st, 2007

A while ago I took out a lifetime “venture capital” hosting package with SteelPixel. This was when they were looking for funds to grow there business and upgrade their servers. Although I would not normally trust a lifetime agreement this did make financial sense to me as the cost of hosting will be less than the return expected from any other investor. After careful consideration I decided it was worth the risk to me.

Sadly the company has been having some problems with maintaining stability, and a recent hardware failure has caused them to leave the hosting business. The good news is that because of there efforts another company has agreed to honer there agreements, and although I no longer have lifetime hosting I do have a package for three years.

So from now this site and most of my other projects will be hosted by Rails Playground. There will be a few issues to work through in this move but if you spot a problem then just let me know.


October 23rd, 2007

Some good news. It took until the third round of tickets being issues, but I am now going to BarCampLondon3. I am still deciding what to do a session on, but it will be something different to what I have done at prior UK BarCamps. All suggestions welcome.