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Twitter tickers

December 16th, 2008

So, I had another daft idea, built it, and decided to share it. If you are like me you will like to skim thought all your friends “tweets” on even thought you don’t read them all properly. I was doing this whenever I tweeted myself so when I posted something I also read all the way back to my prior tweet. The problem is when I am out and about I will tweet when I do not have time to check other updates, or have nothing to say after reading the some tweets.

Okay, I can just keep reading backwards until I see something I remember, but I decided there was a better and more over engineered option here. I have set up two Twitter bots that tweet the time on the hour, and at midnight. These can be followed along with other friends and show a distinctive icon. Now all I have to do is remember is the time you last checked your feed.

The bots are called hourtick and daytick. Please feel free to follow them. They are work in progress so all feedback welcome.