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February 13th, 2009

Occasionally I blog about a charity event. I do not do this often as the last thing I want is a hard sell every time I read a blog, and I suspect you are the same. This in one charity event that I am not only happy to support, but one you might find fun to follow, and you may even be able to help with.

Paul Smith, a good man, and only slightly crackers, had an idea while waiting in a supermarket queue. We are all users of Twitter. If stuck for something we can say so using Twitter and someone will have an answer or be able to help. Most users are selfless and will go out of there way to help people who they have never met. The idea was to ask the Twitter community to help him hitchhike round the world and see how far he can get. He put up a web site and we (his so called friends) told everyone he was doing it so he could not pull out. :-) He is now scared witless, but very much up for the challenge.

You can follow Paul on twitter and read more about the challange on the the twitchhiker blog. No matter where you are, if you are a Twitter user, please follow him and help him in his travels.