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More travel mashup changes

February 26th, 2011

After a phone call with a senior manager at TrafficLink this week I have been informed the BBCs travel feeds that were offered as part of the BBC Backstage initiative will be switched off in a few days. As you may have heard there is another political issue associated with this change that I will not be touching on here while staff at BBC are investigating it further.

In the short term all mashups will continue to work as normal. When the feed currently taken the BBC data stops I will switch over to the Traffic England feed that is licensed under the Open Government Licence. The Traffic Scotland link is only experimental at the moment but I hope to have this added to the feed soon. Wales and Northern Ireland may take a little longer to add.

If you need any help, support or another data source for your project please get in touch and I will see if we can help.

Update: The Traffic England and Traffic Scotland feeds are now fully functional and the old BBC feed is feeding the Traffic England data.