I am starting to hate my Egg Card

November 21st, 2006 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

I have had an Egg credit card for a long time now. It was recommended to me by a colleague and I got one to use for on-line transactions. Things went well, after the three attempts to set up a direct debit, and eventually I started using it for most things.

Over the last few months things have gone less well. The big problem is that the Egg automated services keeps thinking that my card has been stolen and keeps cancelling it. My card has been turned down three times in under two months. What is happening is my spending pattern has changed over the last three months and the card company is using my old shopping patterns to work out what I am not likely to be buying. This I don’t actually have a problem with as it is stopping fraud. My problem is that there is no way to reset the outdated information that is being treated as a guide to what I will be buying.

I have spent a while on the phone over this, with varying successes. Because of Egg’s operating conditions and procedures they could not reset everything. I did suggest issuing a whole new card on a new account, but they could not do this, and could not do so until 18 months after I had cancelled my current one. At one point there was a note placed on the system asking a supervisor to call me back. Sadly I did not get a call back, but he supervisor did update the system saying that there was nothing they could do so did not bother calling.

Finally I did get through to someone who did actually go and see what he could do. He spent most of the time speaking to colleagues and getting nowhere. Eventually he did come up with what we hope is a solution by cancelling the “first alert”. What this truly means is a misery, to me at least, and I get the impression most people at Egg, but we hope it will allow the suspect (or normal but unexpected) transaction and alert me rather than blocking the card leave me standing in the supermarket wondering how to pay for my shopping.

Finder crossed this will be the problem solved, but if not can you recommend a good credit card? Prefrebly one with no charges and cacheback.


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