RAC Membership

December 3rd, 2006 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

I have just renewed my RAC membership. Originally I took out the RAC membership because it was a lot cheaper than the others (when bought on-line for a new customer), but essentially has the same cover.

The renewal notice came through but did not have the original web discount. I checked the AA were offering a cheaper service, but I called up the RAC to ask ” if they could do anything with the price”. The good news is that they could and not only did I get the web discount again, I also got the joining discount as well.

I gave up with Green Flag when they could not give me a price in under 5 minutes and without asking many personal questions.

The moral of this story….. It’s always worth asking, well, sometimes worth asking, anyway.

i love Quidco GreenWhite

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