Microsoft Photosynth

January 22nd, 2007 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

Now and then I see something in the computing industry that I just think is good. The last one was the amazing Google earth, but this time it was Microsoft Labs that surprised me with Photosynth.

This is, well, not easy to define. You can (or will eventually be able to) load the system with photographs taken around a location and then navigate through them in a virtual 3D world representing where the pictures were taken. When you navigate to where a picture was taken you see the picture.

Although not perfect, it is very impressive and surprisingly easy to use. I recommend clicking on “More collections” in the demo and exploring Gary Faigin Studio. I accept is has a few issues, not least the lack of an actual purpose, but it is early days.

Naturally it only works on Windows and you need to us MEIE, but if Google Earth impressed you I still recommend having a look if you can. If not then why not watch Gary Flake on the Scoble Show demonstrate the system.

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