Did I miss the fuel tax hike?

March 22nd, 2007 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

…and the answer is no, I did not miss it because it did not happen. Sorry, yes, it’s another general rant coming on.

The tax on fuel has in fact been frozen until October where it will go up 2p per litre that is not far off inflation. So why did the petrol prices go up just after the budget? Probably the same reason why they went up last time (when the tax did not change at all), that reason being marketing and spin.

People seem to believe that if a price rise is announced in the budget that it will automatically come in to force at 6pm. This means that if a petrol station put the prices up then people presume it is because of the budget and not because the petrol companies have raised the price. Well that is my explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, the petrol companies are entitled to raise the price if they want to, and hiding the rise by using the budget is perfectly legal, but as consumers let’s not be taken in by the smoke and mirrors.

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