Someone is pretending to be me

July 12th, 2010 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

It might surprise you that anyone would want to be me online, but apparently someone does.

I stared getting suspicious when I stared receiving password reset emails, but then it went to a whole new level when they started lodging support emails. They were using an old email address of mine to try and gain access to various accounts, implying they were me, and trying to use facts from that email address to prove it. Fortunately I did not use this address to register on any sites, and would not do this from a domain I do not control.

Fortunately I am reasonably well known in this world and someone guessed what was going on fairly early. I think I know who is behind this and am taking steps for the domain with the email address being abused be suspended.

If you get a request calming to have come from me to reset a password then please treat it with suspicion and contact me thought my web site.

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  1. Pete Hindle says:

    This seems nuts. And a good excuse to check over my own security features.

  2. It might seem nuts, but I suspect that it could have worked. I have never pretended to be someone else, but have got passwords reset for customers many times when I could have been anyone.

  3. Dom Hodgson says:

    I just want to state… its not me ;)

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