123-reg ARE having problems

January 31st, 2007 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

Following this report on The Register web site about 123-reg.co.uk (now a Pipex company) I felt I had to blog something.

Both my company and I use the service for most of our “.uk” domain name hosting. The email is a recurring problem and as a result we no longer use the email forwarding. This is a complaint that other 123-reg customers I know have complained about as well.

Another interesting “Quirk” is that occasionally, but very occasionally, returns an incomplete DNS record when an name-server is queried. This is a big problem when it happens it leads to one or more people unable to send through email for a 24 hour period. This has happened at least twice, once affecting another 123-reg customer, and I suspect this has caused other issues in the past.

On one occasion, just after one of these “Quirks”, the settings form one of the domains was reset to the 123-reg defaults and completely blank address information submitted to Nominet.

The thing that really annoyed me was when 123-reg had a problem I notified support, 6 days later I received an email stating that “Your website now appears to be fine. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance”. In fairness the web site was fine, primarily because I got sick of waiting and moved it away from there servers.

We are still a 123-reg customer, but now host all the important domains on our own servers. We will soon be reviewing the situation as they have had time to solve the problem, but have not even acknowledged the problem. My hope is that they do acknowledge the problem, publicly apologise, and fix it. When it works it is a good service and a good price but at the moment I can not recommend using them.

Update: At least they are now recognising some problems according to this article.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I think 123 got busted or something. A gossip says that Pipex want to sell the company. The main problem a have is that I have over a 100 domains registered with 123, myself and for lots of my customers. I have paid for several domains renewals in the last 3 months and surprisingly my CC has been charged but domains are not registered and available. These cousins’ lots of greave to me and my customers also I have already lost a few contracts. I have spend over £50 on phone bill to 123 only to listen to music, No reply to emails, No reply to faxes, No reply to my letters to them. I have decided to move all domains to 1and1 but they request an authorisation code for each domain, so there is no way I can contact 123 to get it. As this will occur of addition few hundred pound cost, I have sent a final letter to 123 and take them to court to claim may expense and lots of revenue.

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