Google developer day 2007 (3)

June 1st, 2007 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

It is now the morning after the night before and I am finishing off some work before the weekend.

After the US keynote we headed across to a local drinking establishment. The bit I liked best was the large sign in front of the place that was shaped like a Google Maps waypoint marker. It just tickled my sense of hummer.

The drinks and the food kept on coming with a free bar until late. I was pleased that I was not the only one who was disappointed that there was no real ail, but you can’t have everything, and what we did have was great.

It was here that I managed to have a chat with a lot of other people from the day and exchange ideas, views and put forward alternative perspectives. This interaction is the real reason why I go to most events and somehow had not had the opportunity to mingle as much as I would have liked in the day.

I did manage to grab a word with Chris DiBona about his podcast (FLOSS Annually ;-) ) and am please to report it is not dead, it is just waiting for a little spare time.

One final note is that I will hopefully see most of you I chatted with at Hack Day in a couple of weeks time, and if you are not attending then I am certain our paths will cross again so please say hello.

So in summery it was a great will run event and I thank everyone involved in making it so. Also as special thank you (as they appear to have been forgotten) to the staff at the venue and the bar who was extra organised, helpful and extremely polite.

i love Quidco GreenWhite

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