I have an Upcoming t-shirt

June 14th, 2007 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

When upcoming.org merged fully in to Yahoo! a number of t-shirts were offered to users. Annoyingly they were only shipped to the US and Canada.

You can not really blame Yahoo as the postage would have been costly to send then from the US, and setting up a distribution in multiple countries would also not been justifiable for such a promotion. Was did annoy me and others was that it was not obvious this was the case until you had entered most of your contact information. I was so annoyed I clicked the send button anyway on the incomplete form and forgot about it. Unexpectedly I received an Upcoming t-shirt in today’s post, so thank you Yahoo, I think I will be showing off at the forthcoming HackDay event.

i love Quidco GreenWhite

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