I am going to BarCampBrighton2 (Wahoo)

February 13th, 2008 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

I have managed to get a ticket to BarCampBrighton2 being held at Sussex University Student Union next month. As in the past spaces went quickly, but there are still 30 being released on Monday if you are feeling lucky.

It will be interesting to see how this second Brighton event pans out as BarCampBrighton was my joint favorite camp, with BarCampLondon06 being the other. I believe that this was mainly because of the number of people, and who those people were. The venue also does make a big difference.

This time there are a whopping 150 places in Brighton, with some of the tickets being allocated to first time attendees, some geek girls, and some students from the venue. My gut reaction is the allocation for first time attendees is a great idea to keep things fresh without overly complicating things. The numbers are a little high, and a more public space like a university will not be as friendly as we are use to, but with luck the people will be what makes it and it will be another stunningly good event.


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  1. The biggest problem with the venue is that it’s too large! We’re working hard to make sure that we keep some of the intimacy that really helped with the mingling during the first BarCampBrighton at Madgex.

    That said, the campus grounds mean we should be able to have some outdoor fun too!

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