Changing DNS hosts again

February 2nd, 2008 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

As I have babbled on about before I have had a few problem with 123 Reg and eventually decided to move away.

After looking at many domain-hosting services I could not find a low cost host, without a long contract, that was reliable, and gave me the control I require over my domain. If you know of one then please do let me know. In the end decided to use the DNS service with my web hosting ISP and have 123 Reg maintain the Noinet registration.

Sadly my ISP had a few problems and closed the hosting business. The new hosting company, who are honouring the original contracts, do not give me the control over my DNS settings that I desire. As a result I decided to try out a free DNS hosting service.

I gave EditDNS a go, but within a few days the European servers failed. I switched then over the to US ones quickly, but less than a week later there was another problem. Yesterday I went back to this list and decided to try XName. I have also decided to use a backup DNS server from another company so am also trying twisted4life to increase resilience.

I will report back if it all goes wrong, and will be donating to the project if it does not.



  1. Glen says:

    I was previously using twisted4life as secondary – but they seem to have gone belly up since Friday.

  2. Thanks you for the heads up Glen. It appears that the problem was to do with Twisted’s DNS ISP and the problem has now been fixed. There is a brief summery on there news page at . Fortunately the XName servers were still functional so I was unaffected, enforcing my belief that using two ISPs is better than using one.

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