Chocify, it's the future

November 23rd, 2009 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

Today I came up with a cracking idea for a web service called “Chocify”.

People have been using Spotify to jointly build up playlists for the day, the season, or events. Why can this not be extended to chocolate? For example I like the idea of starting off with a KitKat Chunky, followed by a slightly more sticky Twix, and throw caushion and commen sence to the wind and top those off with a Double Decker.

Now, someone could see my mistake, that being the lack of a Crunchie bar, and insert it in to the eat list for me. I can also share this list with anyone I am visiting who needs to get supplies, or anyone who shares my taste in chocolate.

I know what you are thinking, but there is a revenue stream here. Yes people can take the lists and head down the sweet shop, but just imaging the convenience of a “buy it now” button, and within two or three months the postman (or woman, we don’t want to be sexist at Chocify) will deliver them to your door.

The domain name is still available but won’t be for long with such a great idea. It’s a winner. Anyone want to invest?



  1. Martin Bean says:

    "caushion and commen sence"

    Are you for real?

  2. Alistair MacDonald says:

    Am I for real? Well, the logo is in Comic Sans, and I have not registered the domain, so no. That is unless someone wants to donate a large quantity of chocolate for testing then it's full steam ahead. :-)

  3. The Hodge says:

    I'm Out

  4. Alistair MacDonald says:

    Bother, should have made the logo chocolate coloured. You love and learn.

  5. Leeky says:

    A great idea, but I imagine the disappointment when I'm happily enjoying the first finger of a Twix and suddenly have to sit through a load of adverts before I can eat the other one!

  6. Callum says:

    Just buy a selection box, maybe? Available in all good shops. And some rubbish ones.

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