I like Twitters Retweet feature

December 3rd, 2009 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

Can I just put on the record that I like Twitter’s Retweet feature.

In March I blogged about how I would like to see a Retweet feature built in to Twitter and we have recently seen such a feature slowly rolled out.

It takes a little getting use to seeing other peoples’ icons in your stream, but I have grown to find that useful as well. I was also worried that because it is so much easier to retweet that people might get carried away, but this has not happened, and you can block the retweets from just one user but still see there own tweets. What I love the most is that fact that when several friends retweet something I only get it once instead of several times like in the past. I am back in control.

As with most things the reception has been mixed, but on the whole most of the people I am following are using it, and although some like it and some prefer the old way of doing RSs, I don’t think it can be described at “Hated”. I only mention this because of the Tech Crunch article who’s title annoyed me enough to write this post. I feel that article just a personal view of Mike Butcher and not a valid statement of fact.


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