What is the best free email?

May 16th, 2010 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

I have been using Gmail for almost 6 years now and for me it is great. The ability to have almost instant access to all my communications form almost anywhere is just so useful.

So why do I want to move? Well I don’t, and I am not planning to, but I do want a backup in place just in case Gmail becomes unavailable to me for whatever reason. More recently I have forwarded all my incoming email to Yahoo Mail as the backup, but unfortunately I have had to have Yahoo re-activated my mail again because of “suspicious activity” on the account. This takes time to sort it out I would hesitate moving to Yahoo Mail should I need to because of it.

So, what service do you think is best? Answers of a postcard, as comments here, on Twitter, or even just email me. :-)



  1. Backupify.com will back up your Gmail…

    Or, you could buy a Google Apps account, as I do, and know that you’ve paid for something and thus have a contract so that they -have- to keep it online…

  2. Jim says:

    There are a number of options. You could use any email client such as Thunderbird and download directly from Gmail to your local computer. You could do it with SMPT or IMAP controls. Once you have that done, onto your local computer, you could then even get a second Gmail account and re-upload all of the emails through IMAP controls. You actually might be able to import the mail directly into another Gmail account using SMPT, though I am not sure on that particular one. Have to experiment with adding accounts in the Gmail settings tab.

    By the way, I use Gmail for all my emails, including my sending as business addresses too. Great great program!



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