Yes, I am still a BarCamp Addict

June 2nd, 2010 by Alistair MacDonald Leave a reply »

Last year I blogged about my addiction to BarCamps and I decided it was time to update the list of the BarCamps that I have attended.

I have also attended several BarCamp spin-offs including PhotoCampLeeds (28th February 2009), UnSheffield (19th, 20th, and 21st June 2009) talking about “Are people clever and/or stupid?”, Barcamp Transparency UK (26th July) where we discussed “should everything be open?”, and WarbleCamp (8th and 9th May) where we had a twitter show and tell.

So, by my quick count I have attended 29 to date but am still looking forward to the next one. I must need some kind of treatment. Sadly BarCampLondon8 has been indefinitely postponed because of a problem with the venue, and I suspect I will not make BarCampOxford, but BarCampBlackpool was a great event last year with a real party atmosphere so I hope to see you there.


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  1. Rich Quick says:

    It must be weird for you when you do get to spend a weekend at home!


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